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FAQ / Rates

FAQ / Rates


Initial appointment to receiva a quote and consultation

How do I receive a quote or a free consultancy appointment ?


This is very easy. Contact us by filling out our contact form or by simply sending us your request in an email to info@reinigungsagentur.ch or call us (044 776 90 90) to arrange an appointment. Our consultants are ready to schedule an initial appointment with you during regular work days (Monday through Friday, between 8.00 and 18.00).

What will be discussed during the initial appointment?


One of our expert representatives will come to your house to perform a walkthrough, discuss and clarify your cleaning needs as well as the frequency of cleaning. All information and details will be written down in our service catalog (this takes around 30 – 60 minutes). Once completed, our expert will then calculate on site (if possible) the total required cleaning time and costs. If you agree and decide to use our services, you can consent by signing underneath the completed service catalog and terms and conditions section. Afterwards we will begin with the planning process.



What are the costs of reinigungsagentur.ch?


The hourly rate for any subscription package (daily, weekly or biweekly) for residential housholds costs CHF 39.50 / hour (excluding VAT).

For commercial cleaning services such as offices, sales and practice facilities costs are CHF 45.— / hour (excluding VAT). Detergents, cleaning materials, inspections etc. are all included in the hourly rate. We also offer monthly flate rates for commercial properties.

The hourly rate for windows and for move out cleanings is CHF 70.— (excluding VAT). This rate includes all detergents, cleaning material, travel expenses, etc. For move out cleanings, flat rates can be offered as well.


Cleaning material

Can I provide my own preferred cleaning materials?


In the area of cleaning services for residential apartments and households, you as the customer, will have to provide all preferred detergents and cleaning materials. In case you are unsure which detergents and cleaning materials belong to the basic equipment, we would be happy to provide you with a list or you may also download it on your own. Our housekeeper will place detergents, which are filled up to one third on your kitchen table or on the counter, so you can refill them.

In regards to cleaning services for commercial properties like offices, sales and practice facilities as well as for window and end of tenancy cleanings, detergents and cleaning materials are all included in the hourly rate.



Is it always the same housekeeper who provides the cleaning services?


As residential cleaning service is based on trust, it is generally always the same housekeeper who will provide the house cleaning. However, if your assigned maid happens to be unable to provide the cleaning due to holiday, leave of absence or sickness, we will inform you in advance. You can then decide if another housekeeper should do the cleaning at your premises or if you would like to cancel these specific booking dates.

Does the housekeeper always provide her cleaning at the same time?


Usually, the housekeeper always comes to you as scheduled. However, it can happen that due to an unexpected situation a slight delay may occur, i.e. traffic jam or public transport delays.

How do you handle work breaks?


Each cleaning hour includes a 5 minutes break. Our housekeeper can decide whether she wants to take at each hour a 5 minute break or if she wants to take a cumulative break at the end of her cleaning duties by leaving earlier.

How trustworthy is my housekeeper and how is she trained?


All our cleaning ladies have passed a strict selection procedure. Many of our cleaning ladies have already worked in the area of cleaning and dispose of the necessary knowledge which is needed at reinigungsagentur.ch. Team members who do not have the necessary knowledge, go through extensive training before entering a client’s home. To ensure high quality of service, we always train our team members internally.

What happens if my housekeeper has an accident during work time?


We provide our employees with the mandatory accident insurance in case of an occupational and non-occupational accident. If an employee injures herself, the insurance takes over and covers all medical expenses as well as for missed work days. If you wish we can then organise a substitute housekeeper should such a situation arise.

Does the customer need to purchase liability insurance?


No. We have a liability insurance (insured up to max. CHF 5 Mio.).


Cleaning services

What is included in the subscription package?


Your specific cleaning requirements as well as the frequency of the cleanings will be discussed at your home with our expert representative and written down into the service catalog. This will be your tailored subscription package.

How do I go about getting a one-time additional cleaning service done in addition to the current agreement in the service catalog?


In the download section of our website you will find a form (only in German) where you can select additional cleaning requirements. You simply print out this form, check the corresponding boxes, sign the form an put it in your house on the kitchen table or on the counter, so that your housekeeper can easily find it. The additional cleaning request will then be carried out on the very next cleaning date or as agreed upon.

How do I proceed if I want to change the agreed cleaning services in the service catalog?


Please contact your personal consultant or send us an email to info@reinigungsagentur.ch. We are happy to assist with your new cleaning requirements and we will subsequently instruct your housekeeper accordingly. However it is possible that the amended cleaning might change the total working time.

Do I need to be home on the first day of cleaning?


No this is not necessary, however, if you wish to you can be at home to personally meet your new housekeeper. Our representative will instruct your housekeeper at your premises based on the service catalog agreed upon. In exchange for a written key receipt, our representative will hand over your house key to your housekeeper. Ideally, your new housekeeper will then carry out the first cleaning.

Do I have to be home during house cleanings? How is the handling of the house key?


No you don’t have to be home while the cleaning takes place. After having instructed the housekeeper thoroughly at your home, we will then hand her your house key. You will get a written receipt for the key transfer as proof. With this key your housekeeper will perform her cleaning services in your absence as agreed upon on regular scheduled days and time. In case you do not wish to give us the house key, you may also deposit the house key for our housekeeper at a beforehand agreed place. Please be aware though, that reinigungsagentur.ch will not in any way be liable nor responsible for any loss or theft of the house key which was deposited by you. In case you forget to deposit the key, we will nevertheless invoice you for the missed cleaning service.

What do I do if I am not satisfied with the quality of cleaning?


Please send your complaint within three days after of the last cleaning date (incl. photos) to your personal represenatitve or to info@reinigungsagentur.ch. We will make sure we find together a suitable solution (including a talk with your assigned housekeeper, a subsequent cleaning if needed or even assigning you a new housekeeper). Our primary goal is that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services.

What happens if my housekeeper causes damage during the cleaning process?


In this case we kindly ask you inform us within 5 days of the incident and to send your complaint by certified mail (including a detailed description of the damage caused as well as pictures). We will forward your claim to our liability insurance. It is quite possible that an insurance expert will contact you to inspect the damage on site.

How far in advance may I cancel a cleaning date (without rescheduling) without being charged?


During regular contractual period you may cancel a scheduled booking date free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. However, if you need to cancel several booking dates we would appreciate it, if you could let us know in advance. Any cancellations of booking dates during cancellation period will be invoiced.

What happens if my housekeeper misses a cleaning date (for example due to holidays or sickness)


Within the scope of our possibilities and availability we will provide you a substitute housekeeper. In case your assigned housekeeper is going to be absent due to a planned holiday leave, we will inform you well in advance by email. In this case, you have the option to either temporarily use a substitute housekeeper or you could choose to cancel these booking dates until your assigned maid returns.

Do you provide cleaning services on public holidays?


Reinigungsagentur.ch does not provide cleaning services on public holidays (applicable in canton Zurich). In case your booking date falls on a public holiday (either on a national holiday or on a public holiday of canton Zurich) we will inform you in advance by email. In this case you may also let us know if you would like to have your cleaning done on an alternative date. Public holidays vary from canton to canton. If a booking date falls on a cantonal holiday which doesn’t apply in canton Zürich, our housekeeper will – unless asked not to – provide the cleaning services as scheduled.

Does the cleaning interval change if a cleaning date needs be cancelled?


No, the cleaning interval does not change. However, it is possible that a booking date needs to be rescheduled due to public holidays.

Is it possible to have cleaning services either late in the evening or on weekends?


We strive to find solutions for all personal requirements or wishes. Please contact us by phone at (044 776 90 90) or by email (info@reinigungsagentur.ch).

Does my housekeeper also work between Christmas and New Year?


Basically she does. However, many of our cleaning ladies take their vacations between Christmas and New Year to spend time with their families. For that reason we can‘t guarantee that we‘ll be able provide our cleaning services during these days. In case your housekeeper is on holidays we will inform you in advance and we’ll try our best to organise a substitute housekeeper if you wish.


Payment and Contractual Matters

How does the reinigungsagentur.ch invoice its services?


We generally invoice our customers around the 10th of the following month for services provided in the previous month. Payment is due within 20 days. You can choose if you would like to receive the invoice by email or by regular snail mail.

How can I cancel my contract with the reinigungsagentur.ch?


You may terminate the contract with the reinigungsagentur.ch by simply sending your notice per email to your representative or to info@reinigungsagentur.ch. If you prefer to send it per snail mail, then we recommend sending it by certified mail. Subscription packages for residential apartments and houses can be terminated with a cancellation period of two weeks and always by end of any work week.

Subscription packages for commercial offices, sales and practice facilites may be terminated with a cancellation period of three months by the end of any work week. In case you wish to completely stop our cleaning services during the cancellation period, we will continue to invoice you in accordance to the contractual agreement.

How will the house key be returned to me?


Within ten days after your housekeeper provided her last cleaning service at your property, we will send you the house key by certified mail. In case you happen to be home on the last cleaning date, our housekeeper will personally return you the key. In this case, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance so we can prepare the key receipt.


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